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Russell has produced and released over 250 tracks worldwide. In recent years he has featured in The Top 20 Most Innovative Record Producers of All Time on an internet site specialising in the history of record producers.
He helped to start the Cult Themes UK music trend in the 90's helping up and coming acts through arranging and producing their new versions of Cult TV & Film Themes. The last themes compilation album Cult Themes from the 80's saw him nominated for UK Record Producer of the Year. Six cult themes albums were released.
Russell invented the music genre Pop Noir which had a combo of jazz improv, punk attitude, classical ambience, hypnotic grooves, sexy gritty lyrics and a filmic feel. Another genre he pioneered was Ska Surf which was surf guitar twang or chilled beach flavour meeting humerous 60's Ska.

He produced cult act Eleanor Rigby who many cited as an influence on Britpop. Bond theme You Only Live Twice, covered by Eleanor remains his only number one hit as a producer, although I Want To Sleep With You by the same artist reached No. 1 status in Ireland before being banned (which disallowed it's number one status).
Other hit or cult artists produced included multi million sellers The Honeycombs and The Lambrettas.
He turned down producing many mainstream acts in favour of more cutting edge material. This may well have limited his fame to the inner circle of indie music.


He wrote over 50 songs which have been commercially released, including most of Eleanor Rigby's releases. The same goes for Ministry of Ska. He was the main songwriter for Box Office Poison. He wrote/co wrote all 12 tracks on his new band Psykick Holiday's debut album release Forever Pop Noir. He has written songs for many other artists. He has been asked to write music for a number of films including Nightmare on Elm Street, Nostradamus, Psycho City & Over and Over. He won international poem of the year for Magic which was the lyrics for the song of the same name on the album Beyond the Twilight Zone by Box Office Poison.


Russell is the published author of the book Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the Music Business without getting ripped off), which made a profit as both a paperback and interactive CD-ROM.

He has written and sold scripts for film and TV shows from age 17 (Starstruck, Number One & 20th Century Bounty Hunter). He is the scriptwriter of new films in pre production Over and Over  and Mixing with The Unkown.
He was editor of and journalist for influential magazine Dedicated Follower and newsletters Britannia & Tab. (Copies of these are housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London).
He has worked as a freelance music business consultant for the BBC and other organisations.


He is the worlds leading punk 'cellist. He devised a new 'cello sound and style of playing that adds something different to recordings and live performances.


Russell had many of his photos featured in magazines and newspapers, record sleeves and posters. He won an award for one of the best photos of the year Misty Cello. He works professionally on photo shoots for models and pop groups. Invented Alien Art as new Art genre. Also worked as stylist & image consultant in photography. Has been offered exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Spain & Berlin.


Director of eight pop videos many of which are considered innovative. Checkmate video won 2nd best pop video of the year by an independent video association. The same video recouped its outlay in sales (which is unusual since pop videos are usually considered to be promotion losses). Another video Teenage Sex got to number one in the Russian pop video charts. Many of these videos have been shown on television.


Considered one of the top A&R people of his generation, discovering and signing over 50 artists. An expert at putting together the right song with the right artist. Ran influential Mod label Waterloo Sunset Records and the respected and groundbreaking Future Legend Records. Thought up many legendary promotions that got worldwide coverage. Is a consultant for the Music Business.
Record releases via Sony, EMI, BMG, Pinnacle, Universal, Greyhound, Backs. Rough Trade, SRD, One Stop, Caroline, Lasgo's, Windsong, People Sound & Beehive .


Was one of the youngest DJs in England starting at age 15 and went on to to become one of the top DJs in Europe a few years later playing big venues.


He has now moved into the film business and is directing and producing a music business feature film.
Although retired as a DJ he is always open to interesting offers. He is approachable to do professional photo sessions and photo exhibitions. He is also interested in collaborating with like-minded people in all areas.

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