Press Release



Track listing:

1. I Want to Sleep With You
2. Take Another Shot of My Heart
3. 1995
4. Mad Xmas
5. Kiss Me Quickly it’s Christmas
6. Over and Over
7. Last Night in Soho
8. See My Friend
9. Love On the Phone
10. You Only Live Twice
11. Think for Yourself
12. Up the Junction

As many people know, nearly every Eleanor Rigby release is collectible, from 7” vinyl singles fetching up to £15.00 each, to her vinyl debut album Censorship that has since sold for up to £50.00 on the internet. The original Best of Eleanor Rigby album came out at the height of Britpop in 1994 and influenced many a Britpop legend. After several repressings, the album sold out for the last time 5 years ago, becoming unavailable on CD. A steady demand has built up since then. The CD album has often been auctioned on eBay, in some cases reaching up to £25.00.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this influential release FLR are putting out a limited edition of just 500 copies. It may become collectible in future. The price we are selling it for by Mail Order is very competitive. You will not find this price in the record shops!

Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 CD album: Within UK £7.99, Outside UK £9.99. The price you pay includes P&P.

The album is expected to sell out by the end of the year.
Should it become sold out we will inform you by email.

If you have any queries please drop us a line at futurelegend2000@yahoo.co.uk