Music Business Bastards - How to Do Well in the Music Business Without Getting Ripped Off

(new updated 2013 edition)

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So what have Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Adam Ant, KLF and The Honeycombs all got in common?

Apart from the fact that they all had many number one hit records they have all said the original version of the book Music Business Bastards (How to Do Well in the Music Business Without Getting Ripped Off) was essential reading for any band or solo artist. Many others too numerous to mentioned have said the same and they can’t all be wrong.

Fast forward to 2013 and the music business has changed beyond all recognition. The new updated version of this popular book is much needed, exposing the scams and advising you how to beat the opposition, save money and get funded.

Confucius once said ‘If you want to know what’s up the road ahead ask the man coming back down it’

Knowledge is the key to not getting ripped off, but this book also unlocks the secrets of how to beat the opposition in a very competitive industry. When you add the tips on saving tons of money and still making an impact, Music Business Bastards is a very wise investment indeed.

Many artists and bands want to know not only how to get signed up and get a record deal but also how to avoid the many pitfalls along the way. This Paperback & Kindle book tells you all you need to know about getting that all important record deal, from making the right demo, styling your look and selecting your name to getting the right photos, video and packaging the whole thing to appeal to the record companies. It also advises how to copyright your work, what to look for in the contract and how to avoid getting taken for a ride.

As people in all walks of life with more than half a brain will tell you, one of the most valuable commodities in life is knowledge. The more you have the better you do in your chosen profession. If you haven't reached your goal in the music business then you must ask yourself one simple question. Am I talented?

If the answer is yes then the only reason you haven't got where you want to is knowledge of how the music business works. Sadly they don't teach this at school. Music Business Bastards can give you that key to success. From just £7.99 the author gives you the opportunity to acquire this knowledge.

This is the information you've been looking for! The book has been updated for the internet generation and exposes the scams on the net that are there to take advantage of musicians. It also gives valuable info on how to get great exposure and make a music video for next to nothing.

In the 70's the Bay City Rollers sold 120 million records yet ended up earning just a few thousand pounds instead of at least twenty million pounds each. 40 years on they are still getting ripped off and most of the band are destitute. Sadly this is not the exception to the rule and thousands of household names now find themselves working at fast food restaurants wondering 'Where did it all go wrong and where did all the money go?'

A combination of naivety and arrogance is usually to blame. Let's deal with the latter first. I have met thousands of bands who think their talent and their songs are the best thing since sliced bread. They often think that because they rate themselves so highly people will be tripping over themselves to sign them up and it will be just a few weeks before they are number one in the charts.

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Apart from the fact that if they were lucky enough to get signed it would be almost a year before they were put on the release schedule, this whole thought process is flawed and unrealistic. Many bands forget that at any one time in the music industry there are tens of thousands of other acts out there trying to get a deal. Which brings us back to naivety. Without knowing the score, you are unlikely to make it.

Suppose you couldn't swim and somebody asked you to swim 100 yards with no lessons. You wouldn't be able to do it because you'd never been taught how. You may have learned how to play an instrument or sing but which school did you go to to learn all about the music business?

In order to achieve your desired result you need to learn all the tricks of the trade and succeed at every stage of your career, from live work to recording to getting a record deal and beyond. You need to beat the opposition in every aspect to make sure it's you and not the other person who gets that all important deal.

That's where Music Business Bastards comes in. You get to learn every step of the music industry and what to avoid for less than the cost of a packet of guitar strings, drum sticks or one singing lesson. Why is it that an artist can see the logic of paying out for those things yet struggle for years because they felt they knew it all and didn't need any extra knowledge? It's just crazy!

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