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Above brand New single from 'Psykick Holiday' It's a double 'A' single 'San Francisco & Let's go to San Francisco' To celebrate the 50th annivesary of Peace and love. Its on Itunes.

THREE new albums have just been released on worldwide download. For lovers of crime theme tunes, we have twenty kick ass themes on our Crime Fighters album. Find on iTunes or Amazon.
And just for lovers.....we have 20 Shades of Sex and Erotica, a delicious album full of our best sexy songs for your delectation, to be found on iTunes and Amazon too.

And finally TA DAAAH!! What many of our fans have been clamouring for:
The Future Legend Records Singles Album - a compilation of ALL the singles released by FLR since it's inception. Totally unmissable.... Links to Amazon and iTunes coming soon!


Future Legend Records 20th Anniversary DVD collection

Future Legend Records 20th Anniversary Fanzine

The Best of Ministry of Ska

The latest offering from white boy Ska band Ministry of Ska is 'The Best of Ministry of Ska' which is a fine collection of all the tracks they have recorded and released on many different compilations over the years. Now you can get them all in one place!

A wonderful, humorous collection, full of great ska beats, the album also includes a previously unreleased cover of a truly classic track, sung in Dick's inimitable style. We think you'll enjoy this one!

Check out the track listing on iTunes or Amazon!

That Instrumental Vibe

Here we offer an album brimming with the instrumental versions of many of our most popular themes! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

It's often been said that Box Office Poison tracks sound equally as good as instrumentals - so there are several BOP offerings on this album.

There are also some exciting and classy Bond themes and other exclusive gems on this 20 track compilation, including Ska Surfin at 5-0 by Ministry of Ska.

Check out That Instrumental Vibe page for the track listing.


Bowie Zone EP

Bowie Zone

Track Listing

1. Cat People by Phosphoric
2. Lady Grinning Soul by Box Office Poison
3. Absolute Beginners by Once More Into the Bleach
4. This Is Not America by Misty Woods

FLRs producer/songwriter Russell once shared the same New York management as David Bowie. During this period the two ex-Brixton boys compared notes. Bowie loved both of Russell’s new productions of Lady Grinning Soul and Cat People.

Along with the three Bowie covers the 80’s themes album also features great covers of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Bladerunner, For Your Eyes Only, Pretty In Pink, The Living Daylights, The A Team, Hill Street Blues, The Blues Brothers, When Doves Cry, Call Me, Dynasty and Alien.

The other three tracks on the Lady Grinning Soul EP are Box Office Poison’s originals Think For Yourself & Nightmare on Elm Street and their cover of Louie Louie (which was voted as the best ever cover of this classic track by Xfm Radio listeners).

Buy Cult Themes From The 80’s CD album and Lady Grinning Soul CD EP for JUST £4.99 plus £2.00 P&P worldwide!

Price to buy each item separately:

  • £2.99 - Lady Grinning Soul EP CD
  • £4.99 - Cult Themes From The 80’s CD album
  • Add £1.00 P&P per item.

Contact futurelegend2000@yahoo.co.uk to purchase. Paypal accepted.

A Tribute To John Barry

We have always been huge fans of John Barry which is why we have recorded so many of his wonderful tracks here at Future Legend. This album brings together all those tracks in one offering. Enjoy...

Track Listing

  • The Adventurer by Russell Brennan/U.N.C.L.E.
  • A View To A Kill by Psykick Holiday
  • The Deep by Box Office Poison
  • You Only Live Twice by Eleanor Rigby
  • The Persuaders by Box Office Poison
  • Moonraker by Phoenix J
  • The Ipcress File by Box Office Poison
  • From Russia With Love (instrumental) by Box Office Poison
  • Thunderball by Joe Sharp & Box Office Poison
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by The Editors

Forever Pop Noir

Pop Noir afficionados Psykick Holiday's long awaited debut album Forever Pop Noir is available on CD and download.

With a track listing of haunting and innovative sounds and pop noir style lyrics, this is bound to please those alternative music fans out there that are looking for something a little bit different from the run of the mill bland radio fodder.

Suck it and see!

In the shops you would pay £9.99 (or £12.99 on export). If you order directly from us you can get the CD for only £4.99 (plus £2.00 P&P).

As a thank you for ordering from this site initial orders also come with a SIGNED PHOTO of the band (while stocks last), a voucher for 20% OFF any other FLR release AND a BONUS MP3 track!  What more could you want? We think this is a brilliant deal!!

Check out the Psykick Holiday Page for further details.

Mod Tunes: Three Button Legacy

The Mod Tunes: Three Button Legacy album features 20 tracks produced by Russell Writer and released by the label over the past 20 years. It has some classic artists including The Lambrettas, Eleanor Rigby & The Reaction. Among the songs are anthems Mod Girls by Eleanor Rigby & Mod Boy by Misty Woods. Also there are a number of cool themes that are of special interest to Mods including 5:15 & Get Carter.

The album is on download.

View a full track listing on the Mod Tunes Page.

The Babysitars: My Two Minds Are 8 Miles High

A new talent we discovered recently were The Babysitars. They are a throwback to the sort of output Stiff records used to knock out in the late 70's early 80's. My Two Minds Are 8 miles High has eight finely crafted rock songs worthy of anyone's attention and if you are into Joe Meek there is a special treat for you!

More info about the album on the Babysitars Page

You can hear one track from each of the above three releases below. More tracks can be found on the bands' pages or at the bands' MySpace links. Numbers by Psykick Holiday is followed by Meet Joe Meek/Crazyhead by The Babysitars. Finally I'm Not Like Everybody Else by Eleanor Rigby was taken from the album Mod Tunes: Three Button Legacy.