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Future Legends Records and in particular FLR's producer Russell C. Writer were well known for doing great new versions of James Bond themes. Even John Barry said on a BBC Radio interview that Russell made new and interesting Bond tracks and some of these versions were as good as the originals.

However prior to 2000 the only way to get these versions of Bond themes were on FLR's popular cult TV and film theme albums - but in this case the fans had to buy a whole lot of other themes unrelated to Bond movies just to get the one or two they were after.

In 2000 FLR bowed to pressure from Bond fans and released a limited edition album Stirred not Shaken which contained only FLR Bond themes. These sold out straight away and many people have been asking for the Stirred not Shaken album to become an official release. For various reasons this didn't happen. Now we have released a new album on download for Bond fans everywhere.

The Themes Bond....James Bond

FLR have now released their definitive Alternative Bond themes collection entitled THE THEMES BOND....JAMES BOND

Since Stirred not Shaken two more new Bond themes have been released on the Cult Themes from the 80's album - For Your Eyes Only and The Living Daylights.

Not only does it contain all the tracks from Stirred not Shaken and the two tracks from the 80's album it also contains two further tracks recorded exclusively for the album by hot new Pop Noir act Psykick Holiday. These are new versions of The James Bond Theme and A View To A Kill which are well worth a listen.

As a bonus the album comes with an exclusive previously unreleased instrumental version of From Russia With Love and an alternative vocal version of Nobody Does It Better by Mouse.

1. From Russia With Love (Instrumental) by Box Office Poison
2. A View to a Kill by Psykick Holiday
3. You Only Live Twice by Eleanor Rigby
4. Moonraker by Phoenix J
5. For your Eyes Only by 2oon
6. Casino Royale by Adventures of Parsley
7. Thunderball by Jo Sharp
8. Live And Let Die by The Honeycombs
9. The Living Daylights by Carmel Morris
10. The James Bond Theme by Psykick Holiday
11. Nobody Does it Better (remix) by Mouse
12. On Her Majesty's Secret Service by The Editors
13. The Man With The Golden Gun by Moneypenny
14. Diamonds Are For Ever by Lynus
15. From Russia With Love by Mouse

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The Themes Bond..... James Bond

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Cult artist Eleanor Rigby's version of You Only Live Twice went to Number One in Italy. It also featured on a Number One hits album alongside artists such as The Supremes, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and many other household names.

The Honeycombs from the legendary producer Joe Meek's stable of artists had a worldwide number one with Have I the Right that sold 27 million records. Their last ever recording was the Bond theme Live and Let Die which is featured on this album.


One track famous composer John Barry raved about was Moonraker by oriental singer Joan Martin/ Phoenix J who is a top ten hit artist from Singapore. She was the face of Asia MTV. Photo to left: Phoenix J

Box Office Poison are famed for their alternative versions of Bond themes. Mouse provides a synchopated version of From Russia With Love.
Photo to left: BOP singer Mouse

Joan eps

Psykick Holiday come to the fore on this album with their two tracks, the alternative Pop Noir renditions of A View To A Kill and The James Bond Theme.

logoblack copy

Superb indie band 2oon provides a very atmospheric version of Bond theme track
For Your Eyes Only. 
Photo to Left: 2oon


Casino Royale by Adventures of Parsley was used as the theme tune for Radio Two DJ Mark Lamarr's show for 2 years. Top Radio One DJ Mark Radcliffe was also a fan and played it regularly. Adventures of Parsley are still playing live theme gigs and have played at the Edinburgh Fringe.


The albums producer Russell C. Brennan (aka Writer) was recently listed in 'The Top 20 Most Innovative Record Producers of All Time'. A major factor in this was his production and arrangements of cult themes for FLR, particularly the Bond themes. Photo: Russell C Brennan

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Many Bond fans called A View to a Kill by Psykick Holiday the best Bond theme ever with its Goldfinger style rendition. You Only Live Twice is Eleanor Rigby's dreamy Number One hit. Then comes the haunting and delicate Moonraker by Phoenix J. Finally, For Your Eyes Only by 2oon is an excellent version of this Bond classic.