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The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 - 20th Anniversary release


1. I Want to Sleep With You
2. Take Another Shot of My Heart
3. 1995
4. Mad Xmas
5. Kiss Me Quickly it’s Christmas
6. Over and Over
7. Last Night in Soho
8. See My Friend
9. Love On the Phone
10. You Only Live Twice
11. Think for Yourself
12. Up the Junction


Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 2 CD
Waterloo Sunset Story CD
Love On The Phone CD EP 
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ER Junction sleeve copy

This new single is now out on download: I'm Not Like Everybody Else and Up the Junction.

A Limited Edition CD of these tracks is also available. Order from us by writing to


Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol 2


Best of... Vol 2 Picture Disc


Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol 2

1. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2. She's Got Everything
3. Play With Fire
4. Getting Thru The Day
5. Mod Girls
6. Gotta Move
7. For The Video
8. Till The End of the Day
9. Censorship
10. My Xmas Card To You
11. More Than the Truth
12. Don't Ask Me What I Say
13. All or Nothing (by Spectrum - featuring Eleanor Rigby, Steve Marriott, P.P. Arnold, Chris Farlowe, The Lambrettas, The Purple Hearts, The Chords, The Untouchables and other 60's Mod acts.)

NB. The 'All or Nothing' track is exclusive to our CD and is NOT on the download version. Be sure to buy the right one!!

7" Singles & C.D EPs

1. Love on the Phone/Play with Fire (7" vinyl)
2. Love on the Phone C.D. Single features two bonus tracks by Misty Woods (Wallpaper Man and Mod Boy)
3.Take Another Shot Of My Heart / 1995

All singles cost £5.00 inclusive of P&P anywhere in world please state if you want vinyl or CD. Use the drop down menu below to select your item, then click the Add to Cart button.

Vinyl 7" Singles and CD EPs


Waterloo Sunset Story


Waterloo Sunset Story

Eleanor Rigby Live DVD

Due to demand we released an Eleanor Rigby Live DVD. This features clips from various concerts around Europe. It has 2 bonus features: an exclusive interview with Eleanor's songwriter and producer Russell C. Brennan, plus raw footage of her last ever London concert.

  1. The Avengers Theme (The Grave)
2. Till the end of the day
3. Getting thru the day
4. Don’t ask me what I say
5. More than the truth
6. 1995
7. I want to sleep with you
8. Last night in Soho
9. Play with Fire
10. She’s got everything
11. Mod girls
12. Take another shot of my heart
13. Censorship
14. Gotta move
15. Over and Over
16. I’m not like everybody else
17. Where have all the good times gone
18. If you got to go, go now

erlivedvd copy

Eleanor Rigby Live DVD

Also available is The Future Legend Video Collection featuring I Want To Sleep With You and You Only Live Twice videos plus 6 x Box Office Poison videos featuring Russell C. Brennan. Write to futurelegend2000@yahoo.co.uk to order this video.