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Future Legend Records Pop Video Collection

1. I Want To Sleep With You: Eleanor Rigby
2. You Only Live Twice: Eleanor Rigby
3. 1995: Box Office Poison
4. Checkmate: Box Office Poison
5. Mysteries: Box Office Poison
6. Teenage Sex: Box Office Poison
7. Alien: Box Office Poison
8. Think For Yourself: Box Office Poison

We don't put out many DVDs but when we do you can be sure they are special.
Currently two DVDs are available, The FLR Pop Video Collection and Eleanor Rigby Live. As well as FLR being known for pioneering cutting edge music the pop videos that accompanied some of the releases were also considered innovative and stylish.
Many of them were directed by the labels' innovative record producer Russell (who is now moving on to direct feature films).

This DVD starts off with the primitive but quaint video for Eleanor Rigby's debut single I Want To Sleep With You. It was made in the 1980's by home video and has a naive charm. Not only was the single banned but also the video, for the title in the first instance but also because the single was accompanied by a free condom and free gifts on records disallow them from the charts. The Mod influenced video was rarely seen and much in demand by Mods in particular. Next up is Eleanor's number one hit the Bond theme You Only Live Twice which comes with a dreamy, part-animated video with a love and loss theme.

The rest of the collection is taken up with rather more innovative films for Box Office Poison. They were to have released the first ever 3D pop video back in '93 but technical problems meant scrapping this in favour of a filmed video for the rather gothic track 1995. Their next video Checkmate was filmed at the famous Prisoner village Portmeirion (home of the cult TV show) and is much in demand by Prisoner fans.

The band's highly acclaimed masterpiece Mysteries with its magical esoteric feel follows. Success beckoned on release of the next video Teenage Sex which hit number one in the Russian pop video charts keeping no lesser light than Bowie off the top spot. A very experimental X-files-like Alien follows. The final video in the collection is Think For Yourself which proved very popular on mainstream TV and looked to break the band in the UK.

At only £4.99 including P&P this is well worth adding to your collection.

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Eleanor Rigby fans are a passionate lot so it was no surprise she reached cult status. Because she has been on the missing list for many years, no new releases were ever likely but fans always seem to want more. Rumours have been around for years that her live concerts had been filmed and demand had built up for them to be released. However because of the poor quality FLR were reluctant to release anything. With technology moving forward it has been possible to clean up the tapes and grab the best bits from a number of concerts. So at last an Eleanor Rigby Live and Rare DVD is out in a very limited quantity. Get it now as they are going fast.

If you are someone who was at one of her concerts you can now relive it and try to spot yourself in the crowd. If you are someone who regrets not getting around to seeing her live, now's your last chance. Eleanor has a legion of new fans who were not even born when she did the concerts. If you are one of them you can time travel back to those special moments, grab a front row seat and see Eleanor Rigby perform.

The DVD also features a rare interview with Russell who wrote and produced Eleanor's releases. He was married to her at the time and was there every step of the way so this interview gives many behind the scenes stories.

Finally there is one bonus feature of very raw footage of Eleanor's last ever concert in London. This item will be deleted at the end of the year and we expect it to become collectable. These moments have gone and pretty soon so will these DVDs so don't delay, order now.

Eleanor Rigby Live and Rare can be ordered in PAL and NSTC formats. Please check your player to ensure you buy the correct one.
Only £7.99 incl P&P


All orders for Eleanor Rigby Live DVD placed before the end of 2012 get a free Eleanor Rigby live photo!!

Below is the video for Eleanor Rigby single 'Love on the Phone' (Not included in FLR pop videos collection) However the live sequences give a flavour of her live DVD mentioned above.

Cult Themes Live Concerts DVD


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