Many of Future Legend Records releases have sold out and some are now only available as downloads. The following releases fall into that category. Just click on the link button to get them from iTunes or alternatively you can search for them on your favourite download site. (Before you buy you can hear tracks on MySpace.)


BOX OFFICE POISON: POPCORN Box Office Poison were advised to do a dance track as their first release in order to get a record deal. So they did a great dance cover of famous 70's instrumental hit Popcorn. They successfully got a deal with a record label called Hit. Sadly the label didn't live up to its name and went bust. White label 7" & 12" singles had been manufactured and a sleeve designed for Popcorn but it didn't get as far as a release in the shops. The white labels became collectable over time and the track sat in the vaults until recently when it was decided to release it on download.

BOX OFFICE POISON: THE LEGEND OF XANADU: Box Office Poison recorded a great cover version of the 60's No.1 hit The Legend of Xanadu on Future Legend Records, but FLR lost its distribution deal with Pinnacle when they were taken over by another distributor. The single was released as a limited edition CD. These have long since sold out. It is now on worldwide release on download.

sex on internet

PSYKICK HOLIDAY: SEX ON THE INTERNET: After dissolving Box Office Poison, main man Russell formed Psykick Holiday. The first track recorded was a new dance version of the popular B.O.P. track Sex on the Internet. It featured the first Psykick Holiday vocalist Natasha. As she was Russian they also did a Russian version of the track along with French and Spanish versions. FLR did not have a distributor nor the funds to promote the act so to help the band get a deal elsewhere and create a buzz they released Sex On The Internet on download.

bond themes

PSYKICK HOLIDAY: JAMES BOND TRACKS: The band followed this up with two tracks on the James Bond covers album The Themes Bond....James Bond on download only. These Psykick Holiday tracks A View To A Kill and The James Bond Theme proved very popular and created a buzz for the band.

The lead singer on View to a Kill was Pola, who replaced Natasha in the line up. Pola left the band to pursue a solo career and has since had number one hits in Greece & Poland. New singer Johanaa T then joined the band and Psykick Holidays album Forever Pop Noir was recorded and released on CD format (see the Psykick Holiday Page for further details.)

Other releases that are on download are That Instrumental Vibe, Themes from the 60s Vols. 1 and 2 (Various Artists), Rarin To Go (Ministry of Ska), Mirror Image (Mouse), Mod Tunes (Various Artists), My Two Minds Are 8 Miles High (The Babysitars), Another Number (Carmel Morris), The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol 1, I Want To Sleep With You, Mad Xmas, Kiss Me Quickly It's Xmas, Over and Over, Take Another Shot Of My Heart, You Only Live Twice (Eleanor Rigby), the EP Bowie Zone (Various Artists) and A Tribute To John Barry album (Various Artists).

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Bowie Zone

Over and Over

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Come With Me